About the Campaign

The state of Qatar aims to make the youth an integral part of the implementation of its 2030 developmental plan, by providing them with a more responsible role to play, in all aspects of life. NAMA believes the youth are the nation’s wealth, strength and future. NAMA launched an awareness campaign under the title “Aspiration and Achievement 2030” that sheds light on the role of the youth in developing the society and the country’s economy, and also creates an awareness on how one can contribute to accomplish the Qatar National Vision 2030, while ensuring a sustainable development for Qatar’s progress.


Through this campaign, NAMA aims to involve the youth and educate them on the national vision and its four pillars. Encouraging the youth to develop their thinking on a local and global platform, and take an initiative to contribute to this vision.


Environmental Development

The development plans of QNV 2030 are based on achieving a balance between development and conservation of natural resources. This engages the youth on a mission to protect the environment and its natural resources such as air, water and nature from harmful pollution, to achieve sustainable development for the future.

General Contest:

To enter the competition, you should:

  1. Be between 18 and 45 years of age
  2. The participant’s Video duration must not exceed 2 minutes
  3. Your video should relate to the pillar of the month for something you are doing or already done
  4. Fill in the form below

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